A strong ally in Communication Consulting

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efrata is active in the area of Communication & Public Relations, with offices in Athens and presence in London, Paris, Sofia & Dubai

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efrata provides communication programs that cover a wide range of services, from corporate launches to reputation management…

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efrata people are active in many and different areas to date such as Automotive industry Consumer goods Health Insurance…


We are efrata


Four keywords, four values that accompany our daily life, our way of thinking, our beliefs and our logic. We are efrata, we are the first company that spoke in Greece about the value of digital public relations, about the revolution brought to communication by Social Media, about the influence of technology in modern communication, about the importance of smart phones in our daily lives. Public relations changed. Public affairs were differentiated. Crises are re-examined in the light of the fact that each of us is now a receiver and transmitter of a message. And strategic communication has become more important than ever. We are efrata. We are a modern Communication Consulting Company.

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efrata | A strong ally in Communication Consulting

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Modern and experienced, pioneers and conservatives, inquisitive and sentimental, traditional and modern. In a world that changes daily, in efrata we have the perfect mix the perfect ratio of Traditional and Digital Communication that can give answers to every, complex or simple questions. We want to always be next to our clients, to hear their concerns, listen to their anxieties. To give solutions that will bring results. Tangible, measurable results. We are proud to be hard working, we are proud to be 365/24/7 next to partners, we are proud to be part of the service industry.

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efrata | A strong ally in Communication Consulting

efrata - We are beside you

In the ever changing world of Communication, where the boundaries between traditional and digital communication become blurred, where strategy comes to play a unique role, where Communication Consulting becomes more and more necessary, where Information moves at a high pace and every second is important in shaping an image, an opinion, efrata is next to you and/or your business.