Corporate Communication

Our Services

efrata provides communication programs that cover a wide range of services, from corporate launches, to reputation management, programs having always as our main target the programs that we design to correspond to the business goals of our clients. First, we want to understand the culture of each client, its mentality and the challenges that we have to face. Then we create messages that help communicate their story in an appealing way. We work very closely together, for results that correspond to the qualitative and quantitative objectives.

efrata is specializing in helping its clients build their corporate image through relations with media representatives. At the same time, it has specialized executives on crisis management issues, with experience in all sectors.

Corporate communication services include:

  • Brand audits
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate visibility
  • Media Relations
  • Strategic Communication

Media Relations

We believe that the key to PR is the ability to make a good story. With executives that come from journalism and the wider field of communication, we are in a position to forecast the media map and communicate our clients’ messages, often creating entire story packages for journalists and bloggers. And they know very well that it is very important to respond with the best possible way to their needs.

Our experience in media relations covers sectors such as corporate and consumer products, but also social media.

efrata ensures that media campaigns match blogger’s campaigns and strategic social PR media, but also marketing and communication initiatives. Efrata has the suitable executives for global media relations strategies that meet client’s business goals, but always keeping in mind the different mentality of media around the world.

  • Media relations services include:
  • Award Programs
  • Blogger Relations
  • Case study placement
  • Press releases, articles, case studies
  • Media Monitoring
  • Media events – discussions, meetings, press interview
  • Media tours
  • Media training
  • Press Office
  • Product launches
  • Social media press releases
  • Digital, SEO & Social Media PR

Crisis Management

What defines a crisis? Any issue, problem or disruption which triggers negative reactions that can impact the company’s reputation, business and financial strength. Crises can be situations threatening people and property, serious disruptions to operations, lawsuits, product recalls, social media attacks, highly negative media coverage or allegations of wrongdoing. Actually, no organization is immune from issues and disruptions that can harm its reputation, revenue, and financial performance.

When a crisis strikes, the greatest damage to an organization is often the result of mismanagement of the crisis rather than the crisis itself. Poor management of a serious situation can further drive-up costs and compound the problems facing the organization. When it comes to a crisisit is much easier to prepare and prevent, than to repair and repent. That’s where we come in.

efrata’s comprehensive service offerings help organizations navigate the lifecycle of a crisis: readiness, reaction, and recovery. Our special team of experts create a strategy and develop tailor-made solutions to meet each client’s specific needs. During the time of crisis, communication is critically important as to control the outgoing messages and to protect the organization’s reputation. efrata works with clients to help them navigate critical messages across social and traditional media channels and to inform stakeholders, while pre-empting reputational threats.

Effective crisis management minimizes damage and may even improve a company’s reputation if leaders communicate with speed, honesty and transparency. For many years now in efrata, we provide counseling to a variety of companies and help our clients successfully prepare for, respond to, and recover from any crisis.

Public Affairs

efrata is one of the top independent public relations and public affairs firms in Greece. Whether it’s B2B communications, consumer public relations, or public affairs and community engagement, we find creative ways for brands to deliver key messages so they resonate with target audiences. Our company’s expertise encompasses the full range of corporate communications and public affairs for organizations across all sectors.

Whilst “saying the right thing to the right people in the right order at the right time” may seem a simplistic statement, assembling and then testing those messages in an engaging and effective manner is critical. Identifying and understanding the target audiences is the first step for us. We then recommend a range of tools and techniques to target the message to the audience and choreograph that engagement through effective planning and implementation.

We can help you launch new products, better manage media interviews, maximize your exposure, enhance your employee and community relations, navigate potential policy and regulatory changes, capture social media attention, efficiently reach influencers, better manage difficult issues and avoid damages. Our aim is to protect and enhance reputation and strengthening relationships with business and stakeholder audiences. With in-depth knowledge of communication issues, we provide corporate and public affairs services for our clients to help them strengthen their position in their respective markets. efrata’s team of specialists is experienced, devoted 24/7 and totally equipped to advise demanding clients. With specific ideas and action plans we help them navigate any regulatory and policy landscape. Clients lean on us to help them engage with their stakeholders’ agendas, deliver results, and protect value.

Reputation Management

Corporate reputation is a valuable, yet fragile asset, and must be handled with care. Companies of every size and across every industry can benefit from reputation management. Business owners understand the impact it can have on their business, so they need to know how to handle their company’s reputation effectively. Today’s consumers make purchase decisions based on brand or corporate reputation, perhaps even more so than on advertising, direct sales messages, pricing, or promotional content.

We live in times where the media environment has changed drastically, due to the «digital revolution» and the creation of large online communities of various types. Social media platforms, blogs, websites, forums, etc., are growing rapidly and influencing modern culture and all aspects of our lives.

Our team of reputation management experts is listening to customers, employees, stakeholders and online communities in order to create the best strategy for our client. eftata’s goal is to help them craft a strong brand image, that affects positively company revenue, market value, as well as improves to attracting and retaining top talent. We provide reputation management consulting that offers to companies an action plan on how to build, protect, and amplify their reputation.

Digital, SEO & Social Media PR

Today, this is true more than ever. We create the content, we distribute it, we comment on it, we communicate it, and it circulates widely through social media, search engines, and the digital world. Companies should immediately be able to recognize, learn and take part in discussions about their product. They must communicate using channels that their target group also chooses and be sure that the message they communicate will be transmitted around the world only in seconds.

efrata approaches social PR media with integrated services. It develops easy-to-use digital PR programs that support the business goals of the client, based on particular targets, and using the tools and technology suited for each case.

efrata uses video, Flash, Web, graphic design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, to support PR campaigns.

Social media, digital, and SEO PR include the following services:

Social media PR audits – each PR campaign should begin with an audit in order to identify the channels, but also how those who deal with the clients’ product communicate. Audits result in a detailed report and analysis of findings as well as future recommendations.

Social media PR monitoring – continuous monitoring of discussions is provided with the combined use of custom feeds and search tools. Our clients can choose to receive updates via daily reports or customised portals. Efrata provides analytic reports on key social media influencers, issues and channels and highlights emerging trends

Social content creation – ‘’social content” can be text, sound, or video format. Efrata works closely with its clients in order to develop the objectives that want to achieve, the concept, the texts, the “story” and more generally the overall strategy to be followed. Efrata team provides guidance and support for message communication through social media networks.

Blogger relations – we identify the relevant blogs at the beginning of campaign, and we build relations with the corresponding bloggers.

Community engagement – all those interested in a product are members of a community that regularly communicates.

Social media PR ambassadors efrata organizes workshops to help its clients use social networks, communities, and microblogs, while it works closely with its clients to incorporate these channels into their communication programs.

Social media PR measurement Efrata has developed a measurement methodology that allows its clients to evaluate the effectiveness of the social media programs.

Internal Communication

The notion of internal and external communication is converging. Today, an internal announcement may become an “external announcement” only in a few hours. The way that a company communicates with the outer world is directly interrelated with its internal mentality. If the message isn’t the “brand” of e.g. an employee through his twitter page or his blog, inconsistency will be revealed very soon. Communication strategies can succeed or fail, according to the way internal communication is handled.

efrata considers very important the correct understanding of any internal PR action. We help our clients develop internal communication tactics, in order to communicate a key- message in the employees or to identify those employees who will participate in external communication programs.

Internal communications services include:

  • Internal research
  • Social media policies
  • Internal communication Campaigns
  • Corporate videos
  • Copywriters

Creative and Digital Services

The Creative & Digital team is comprised of graphic designers, web developers, video experts, photographers, social media specialists, professionals on PR issues, copywriters, and journalists. This particular team works closely with the account managers so that they provide creative services as a part of the PR and marketing program for each client. The production services play a very important role in the programs that we design for our clients, while creative directors supervise each project separately, up to its completion.

The Creative & digital services include:

  • Creative campaign planning
  • Blog creation
  • Videos – interactive, corporate,
  • Viral videos
  • Script authors
  • Copywriters
  • Photo shoots
  • Graphic designers
  • Web site creation

Monitor & Measure

Monitor & Measure Each PR campaign is designed after we fully understand the mentality of the client, its communication channels, but also the way it wishes to address its target group. Efrata offers brand audits, a series of continuous monitoring services and measurement methodology in order for the client to be aware of what it is said about his product, and adopt some of these findings in its strategy

Brand audits – provides a picture of how the public perceives the product both in social and in traditional media includes competitive comparisons and a retrospective look at how that perception has changed in recent months. The analysis shows the strong and weak points, the opportunities and the threats that the client’s product faces.

Μonitoring services – they have been designed to reveal:

Client’s mentioning in social and traditional media.

Issues with negative impact on the client’s product, so that the PR team address them quickly.

Discussions about the client’s product, in order to use this information in our communication strategy.

New key persons and channels.

efrata’s monitoring service is based on the selection of the leading tools in the market, including Radian 6, Meltwater, Vocus, Cision and Press Index. Efrata provides adapted news rolls (alerts from search engines and blogs combined) and dashboards for its clients.

Measurement Efrata measures the success of campaign based on ‘’engagement”. How engaged are the clients, the consumers, the investors, etc. with the brand?

Educational Seminars

Media Training
Media training is addressed to executives who come in contact with media for the first time, or to those who want to refresh their knowledge. It is a 3-hour seminar that covers issues as: which is the media map nowadays, how to prepare for an interview, how to handle different questions, how to pass your message and how to avoid the pitfalls of an interview. Through exercises, participants will have the opportunity to simulate an interview in real conditions.

Sales and Marketing Seminars

We all work in an environment where communication and presentation skills are essential, regardless of whether the presentation is to a colleague, the council, a team or a room full of people in a conference. While some people are comfortable, others find it very hard to to speak in public. The sure thing is that each one can benefit from a seminar for improving his/her presentation skills. This 3-hour seminar will help participants of all levels become more persuasive when they speak in public.

Social Media basics

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs are often reported as the revolution in the media landscape. However, how much do you know about influencing potential clients using these channels, or how to manage your online reputation? This seminar covers basic sites and trends in the social media map, but also certain ways to start. The seminar lasts 3 hours and you will learn how to set up a blog or a Twitter account, how to use it to contact your target group. It will help participants to perceive the goals set.